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Release Date:
PC: October 17, 2023
PlayStation 4/5: November 7, 2023
Xbox One, Series S/X: January 10, 2024
Other Consoles: 2024

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PlayStation 4/5
Xbox Series S/X



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Popcorn Rocket is a silly food based old-school arcade space shooter. Pilot the Popcorn Rocket as you blast through hordes of food spaceships in order to save the galaxy from the evil Nebula Empire! With a wacky cast of heroes and villains, Popcorn Rocket will leave your stomach wanting more!

Popcorn Rocket is the first commercial game by Battle Geek Plus conceived from an idea as far back as 2017 over the love of popcorn. Created out of the love for the top-down shooter genre which has not seen it’s fair share of attention over recent years, Popcorn Rocket tries to emulate that old school arcade shoot-em-up feel from the 80’s and 90’s with a hilarious food twist. Popcorn Rocket officially began production in September 2021 and is looking forward to a 2023 release on PC with the consoles coming in 2024.


– Old school arcade top-down space shooter combat with fluid controls, 16-bit sprites, and intense action, giving you that classic arcade feel from the 80’s and 90’s.

– Incredibly silly cast of food based characters and spaceships. Fully voiced with even sillier food puns and dialogue.

– Intense top-down space shooter combat that keeps the player on the edge of their seat as this game is no walk in the park. A shooter with a capital “S” that forces the player to be aware at all times and adapt to different enemy formations and difficult bosses.

– Killer soundtrack with 8-bit, 16-bit, and orchestrated music that gets the player into the groove of blasting away food spaceships in outer space.

– Full controller and keyboard support.

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Battle Geek Plus is a Multimedia Production Company and Game Development Studio based out of Orange County, CA founded by Ryan Molina in 2011. Over the past decade, Battle Geek Plus has created video promos and reviews for some of the top gaming companies before moving fully moving into game development in 2021. Our goal is to create wacky, fun, and crazy games in our own unique style for all ages and audiences.

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