The Good Guys

Colonel Kernel

The wise cracking and smart-alec leader of the mercenary group known as the Popcorn Rocket. Colonel Kernel isn’t one to shy away from cracking a food related pun or joke while getting on the nerves of his foes. A determined mercenary leader who enjoys making a living capturing bounties and saving innocent lives. Whenever there’s a bounty worth capturing, Colonel Kernel will be the first the pop on the scene!

Shipman Butters

The second in command of the Popcorn Rocket mercenary group and a brilliant battle strategist who’s philosophy is “Shoot first, ask questions later”. With his big brains and even bigger muscle, Shipman Butters does his best to match up the strength of the Popcorn Rocket crew against even the most formidable of foes. Will his strategic methods be able to arm-wrestle with the toughest scum of the galaxy, or will Shipman Butters be the first to melt under the heat?

Engineeer Saltshaker

Engineer and Weapons Developer of the Popcorn Rocket, Saltshaker is responsible for creating the weapons of mass destruction in order to battle the evil scum of the galaxy. Her different flavors of popcorn weapons are able to help the Popcorn Rocket blast through any obstacles no matter what the situation. Highly intelligent, but a bit salty when you insult her accent.

Navigator Nachos

The friendly navigator of the Popcorn Rocket, Navigator Nachos knows the galaxy even better than he knows the contents of a delicious nacho bag. Always ready to steer head on into battle or away from danger, Nachos is willing to take Avocado Action to get the Popcorn Rocket and it’s crew wherever they need to go!

The Bad Guys

The Nebula Empire was formed by the evil renegade scientist, Dr. Nebula after he was exiled and banished for his unlawful experiments. Now wanting revenge on those who opposed him, Dr. Nebula has formed his own empire to prove that he is the most superior scientist and wants to take over the galaxy. Comprised of the most ruthless criminals the galaxy has ever known, the Nebula Empire will stop at nothing to achieve full domination over everything.

Private Pie

A young new recruit in the Nebula Empire, Private Pie wants to prove his worth to Dr. Nebula by being every bit as ruthless as he is. Adamant to move up in rank in comparison to his peers, Private Pie leads an excursion against the citizens of Breadonia to seize their stolen rations. Will he succeed in proving he is worthy of the Nebula Empire?

Cookieroid Monster

A monster of many folk tales and legend, the enormous Cookieroid Monster scours the galaxy for unsuspecting spaceships to devour. Can the Popcorn Rocket take down this legendary monster of epic proportions and prove it’s nothing more than a scary legend?
Platoon Leader Pineapple

Leader of the Nebula Empire’s Fruit Fleet. Platoon Leader Pineapple wants to prove he and his fleet do not belong on pizza, making him rivals with Brigadeer Bacon. Can he prove that he’s more than just a pizza topping and the true source of the Nebula Empire’s fruity nutrition?
Brigadeer Bacon

The main rival of Platoon Leader Pineapple. Brigadeer Bacon commands a fleet of Pizza Ships and is definitely not home of the nice slice! Can the Popcorn Rocket stop Brigadeer Bacon from turning them into Dr. Nebula’s special delivery?
Base Commander Broccoli

Twisted and insane, Base Commander Broccoli has an appetite for vegetables and destruction. Determined to make sure that the Popcorn Rocket eats their veggies, Base Commander Broccoli wants to give the galaxy the vegetarian diet it deserves. Starting with getting rid of all Popcorn Rockets from the galaxy’s diet.
First Lieutenant Fiber

Calm and calculated, First Lieutenant Fiber approaches combat from a strategic point of view rather than just blasting everything in sight like his subordinates do. Commanding a fleet of Cereal Ships, he wants to make sure the galaxy eats it’s breakfast and what is the true prize inside his cereal box?
Major Metabolism

The disciplinary drill sergeant of the Nebula Empire. Major Metabolism puts the Popcorn Rocket through “The Grinder”, his fleet of steak like ships ready to serve the Popcorn Rocket well done or medium rare. Will he succeed in cooking the Popcorn Rocket medium rare or “well done-er”? (Is that even a real word?)
General Gluten

Excited for a chance to challenge a ship of the Popcorn Rocket’s caliber, General Gluten offers a fair duel to prove his fleet is the strongest around. In this battle of salt vs. sweet, will the Popcorn Rocket get their cake and eat it too?
Cholesterol Commander

The second in command of the Nebula Empire with a shrieking voice that sounds like a certain cartoon character. Cholesterol Commander commands the “Bucket Brigade”, a fleet of ships so high in cholesterol that they’ll clog the Popcorn Rocket’s arteries. Can the Popcorn Rocket prevent their arteries from being clogged and shut this guy up for good?
Dr. Nebula

Banished for his unlawful experiments, Dr. Nebula formed his own empire to get revenge on all who wronged him and wants to rule the galaxy. Can the Popcorn Rocket stop this mad scientist for good? Also, if he rules an empire, why does he still refer to himself as a doctor?

Other Characters

Bread Citizen

A refugee from the Planet Breadonia who along with his rebel group, took supplies and rations away from a Nebula Empire base. Now caught by the Nebula Empire in space while trying to escape with the goods, is this the end for the Breadonia rebellion?

Bread Child

The young and innocent son of the Bread Citizen who was trying to escape Breadonia with his father. He’s not bready to die yet, but will he survive along with his father?

Ambassador Corn

The personal servant and assistant of the King of Popcornia who oversees all of the royal activities. He was the one who hired the Popcorn Rocket to take down the Nebula Empire while offering large bounties for Dr. Nebula and his minions. Did he make the right choice in hiring the Popcorn Rocket?

King Christopher Popcornia

The supreme king of all of the planet of Popcornia. A strict and just ruler, he makes sure the citizens of Popcornia are safe from the nefarious Dr. Nebula. Can he truly protect his people against the threat of the Nebula Empire?

Queen Katherine Popcornia

The beautiful and graceful wife of King Popcornia. Her gentle spirit and kindness are adored throughout the kingdom as she supports her husband’s efforts to stop the Nebula Empire.

Prince Kenneth Popcornia

Prince and heir to the Popcornian throne. A supposed good friend of Colonel Kernel and a master battle tactician from behind the lines who supports the Popcorn Rocket. However, what is his relation to Colonel Kernel and why does he support the Popcorn Rocket so much?
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